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Diagnostics & Shop Tools






Vehicle Repair Experience

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Auto Shop Estimating System

Inventory Management

Blow customers’ minds with an immersive, interactive buying experience that is exclusive. Showcase your talent for automotive service, sell more work, then win over raving fans.

Get an overview of your day at a glance. This dashboard frees you up from tracking multiple, time-eating manual processes. This optimizes your workflow and your profitability with far less effort.

Stop wasting time and introducing mistakes. Shop estimating software features what you need, when you need it, to make service writing smart, smooth and profitable.

Keep track of your supply status and price markups to minimize what you need to remember, saving time and stress. Check what you have in stock without having to run a full inventory report.

Digital Workflow

Employee Management

Auto shops run best when shop management systems take care of the daily details so humans can solve problems under the hood and with customers. Invest your time where it’s needed. Meanwhile, your auto repair digital workflow software smoothly communicates about every RO.

Stop guessing what your staff does all day. Keep an automatic log of every person’s activity across multiple devices with a digital “paper” trail. When it tracks technician time, you never lose a document again. Even better, it creates a history of every keystroke so you never have to play the game of “he said, she said.”

Repair Shop Analytics

Numbers drive your auto repair business, so get clear, timely data when you need it, how you need it. See how many cars, hours and dollars affect your future, and your profitability. The sooner you see the peaks and valleys, the sooner you can react and get back on track.

Multishop (MSO) Shop Management Software

Shop-Ware offers auto repair multishop owners the most comprehensive set of tools on the market. So, stop wasting time gathering and matching data when you can see and manage it all from anywhere.



Give your customers the ease of quickly responding via live chat, just like every other leading service retailer. Speed up approvals without picking up the phone.

The Parts Catalog speeds up the process of building accurate estimates by checking fit, price and availability in real time across multiple aftermarket parts distributors. Everything just clicks.

We offer the fastest, easiest inspection tool that leaves traditional digital vehicle inspections behind. Take your processes to the next level by merging workflows and using unlimited forms that suit your shop.

ProDemand helps you diagnose problems, write accurate estimates, and make repairs quicker and easier than ever before.



With the TruckSeries commercial truck repair guide at your fingertips, you can speed up repairs, increase the number of repairs your techs can do, and keep trucks rolling through your bays.

This includes everything from writing accurate estimates and ordering parts to tracking business results with integrated reports. Streamline your back office management tasks with Accounting Link, and process credit card payments directly through your management software system.

Your truck repair shop is a busy place and with so much going on, staying on top of it all can be quite a challenge. Manager™ SE Truck Edition truck shop management software allows you to take full control over your business, giving you full visibility into each aspect of your shop.

TeamWorks™ brings together Mitchell 1’s industry-leading shop management, repair information and estimating software in a powerful solution that seamlessly integrates all aspects of your business.

The formula for engaging with consumers to build a loyal following of advocates for your auto repair shop goes like this: Keep in touch, keep them happy, and you’ll keep them coming back — and telling others about their great experience at your shop.

The Manager™ SE shop management system just got more powerful with the option to take the system with you beyond the walls of your shop to complete the vehicle check-in and inspection processes right at the vehicle.

Reaching customers for repair approvals or status updates has been a constant challenge. When a vehicle is tying up a repair bay because additional work has been found, you need to get approval from that customer ASAP.

Using a tablet, you can start multi-point inspections, estimates and repair orders right at the vehicle. You will save time through VIN and license plate decoding and canned tech notes, among other features.

Accounting Link is an auditing tool that connects your computer-based accounting program to your Manager™SE system for quick, easy transfer of accounting data. The result? You can pull financials anytime you want them… and your bookkeeping time shrinks to just minutes per day.

As your service business grows, you need powerful tools that help you effectively manage your multiple locations and maximize your profits. Whether you own two shops or 100 shops, ManagerEnterprise Pro gives you central control of accounting, marketing, sales, operations and much more.

Everything you need to get started printing oil change stickers from your shop Management system.

A powerful collection of tools to take your auto repair customer communication and management to another level. Our ProPack add-on software helps you increase customer loyalty, communication and satisfaction, as well as providing in-depth reports to give you deeper insights into your customers’ behavior.



Our company is dedicated to help your shop, obtain the Best Equipment and Software at the Best Price.

This Will Help Your Repair Shop Run The Most Efficient!

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